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  Registration through the Hongkong Post  

Eligible persons who do not have a local Hong Kong dollar bank account in their sole name may register and receive the payment through the Hongkong Post.


Obtaining registration forms

Registration forms may be downloaded from this website, or obtained from the following locations –

  • Post offices
  • Public Enquiry Service Centers of Home Affairs Department
  • District Social Welfare Offices of Social Welfare Department
  • Public Housing Estate Offices of the Housing Authority
  • Customer Service Centre of the Housing Authority


Filling in registration forms

Eligible persons only need to fill in the following five items on the registration form –

(a) name;
(b) HKPIC number;
(c) local contact telephone number;
(d) local correspondence address; and
(e) post office selected for cheque collection,

and sign the form after reading the part on “Declaration and Undertaking of Registrant” printed on the form. Please make reference to the sample below.



Submitting registration forms

There is no need for eligible persons to submit the registration forms in person at counters of post offices. Completed registration forms may be submitted in the following ways –

(a) through drop-boxes placed at any post office (except mobile post offices) (the date on which the registration form is submitted to these drop-boxes will normally be taken as the date of registration); or
(b) mail the forms to G.P.O. Box No. 186000, Hong Kong General Post Office (the date of postmark stamped by the Hongkong Post or the relevant overseas postal authority (if applicable) will normally be taken as the date of registration).

Collection and encashment of cheque

Registrants confirmed to have met the eligibility criteria will normally be notified by post to collect their cheque at the post office selected in around 12 weeks after registration. Registrants have to bring along the notification and identity card to the selected post office for cheque collection. Registrants who wish to make enquiry about their registrations after submission may contact the Hongkong Post at 2365 2727. 

The cheque issued under the Scheme can be deposited into any individual or joint account of the registrant, or encashed at any local branch of the Standard Chartered Bank (except for Priority Banking Centres). Registrants do not need to pay any charges for encashment of cheque. Registrants may call Standard Chartered Bank at 2178 6102 for enquiry.

Registrants must collect and encash the cheque in person, and must show their identity card for verification of identity. 

Unsuccessful registrants will receive written notification. Registrants who have not received the cheque collection notification or the written notification on unsuccessful registration 12 weeks after registration may contact the Hongkong Post at 2365 2727.